Uh-oh what happened?

The Partner Benchmarking Tool
has been retired

But don't worry...

We are hard at work on the next version

More comprehensive testing, and greater reliability

A brand new competitor analysis feature

Groundbreaking AI powered 'fix this problem' technology

Advanced marketing and industry insights

It’s time to put our expertise to work.

The Partner Benchmarking Tool was powerful, Maya before it was ground breaking, but we are only getting started..

Automate your marketing
not your technology

Right now marketing automation is all about the technology. We are going to automate marketing itself.

Automated testing
to monitor your platforms

Our tool constantly scans and checks your marketing platforms to test performance and integrity.

Find out what your competitors are doing and beat them
With our competitor analysis features you can see what your rivals are doing, and how to outsmart them.

Optimise your marketing automatically
Our tool can make fixes and changes to all aspects of your marketing on its own. Finally the future is here.

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A quick note on the Partner Benchmarking Tool

Microsoft and ourselves could not come to agreement on licensing the technology behind the Partner Benchmarking Tool for FY20-21. But the technology lives on and we are committed to this new version of the tool. Not only that but we want to make it available to all existing Microsoft Partners (as well as the wider IT and tech industry) as soon as possible.